Aurelia Guo


Parenting is political
barrier to entry to professions is becoming 3, 5, 10 years of studying without an income
being nurtured not to 18 but 25 or 30
parental support
not about the extended family or community
but the self­replicating individual

cloning in the military
head transplant
associative mating
going out with someone from exactly the same class background
not even that both have gone to university, but that have gone to the same university. r u the same class. r u the same the same class

us: painfully conscious of race
uk: painfully conscious of clas

people will marry across race but not class
rural patriarchy italy and china
sectarian violence
11 nations of the USA
catholic protestant football teams the clan

meritocracy lies
bureaucracy and its false promise of fairness and due process bureaucracy as the biggest cover for nepotism
black names on CVs get less replies
white families giving their children silly names
lets take a silly one
immigrants give their children nice anglo names to fit in

english drinking culture

epic continuity of settlement. but centralist/majoritarian expansion. lebensraum.
trauma of migration. mainland chinese people coming to australia. domination. asians that celebrate australia day. RIP scientists
the A bomb
shooting gas into the atmosphere
scientists say we only have 30 more years
new american civil war
california water wars

geo­engineering or endtime
and its Brighter than my future
as we say humans have free will and cannot predict what they will do

the honour code

the noble savage
sex is sex and sex feels good
like making love to a skinny boy
with long hair
long feet
teenage doctor
barefoot, teenage doctor
super cannes
male aggressor
kiss another part of the body
kiss a safe part of the body
either everything is erogenous or nothing is
the desire for sleep is like having an appetite or a libido
leave my archive alone like a compost
sex lies and videotape
and i watched sliding doors and when harry met sally

u being the sum of the 3 people you spend most time with

markings on prison walls
the illiterate
women and slaves
concubines and slaves

Fuck empiricism, positivism, scientific rationalism, economic rationalism, liberalism and the individual cos
No such thing

No childrens revolution cos children are ruled by the tyranny of their parents not the bureaucracy of the state

People are serving hors d'oeuvres on trays. Follow them around the gallery
Consume as much food and drink as you can. Act like you haven't eaten in a week
Never stray more than five feet from the food or drink area
Head straight to the food and drink area and stand there eating

Sex is overrated, she thinks, compared to issues such as how the Earth is running out of places to dispose of its garbage

Extinction portal
Death portal
Environment portal
darkened over time, become brittle

Hassan was confident the Australian government was compassionate and caring and never lost faith the right decision would be made
About 70% of that program’s benefits go to households making more than $200,000 a year, costing the government $1 bn over the next decade
But you would have to be quite an extreme redistributionist to support a policy that required wealthier people to marry poorer people

eg their food was being left outside the door
vegans opposed to indigenous hunting and fishing practices

Slavery is rare among hunter­gatherer populations i.e. Mass slavery requires economic surpluses and a high population density to be viable

It is certain that Classical Athens had the largest slave population
Two to four­fifths of the population were slaves

You can’t scare me I have daughters

false binary between child and adult
false linear from child to adult

Nice little earner
distributing food and water

reveals everything about her class and family background

Wine glass fits a whole bottle
and its Brighter than my future
Like making love to a clone
Plastic soul

NGOs preserve colonial relations.......
Debt cancellation, reparations, land rights and compensation.....

Heavily pregnant snake
Getting pregnant off weak dick has to be the biggest L
Alien cum doesnt get u pregnant

I am pain free and in sync with life
I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever­-changing life
I am beautiful and everybody loves me

They also kill women and children